Why Adopt?

Adopt a jaguar

Adopt: The Jaguar

Species: Panthera Onca.

About the jaguars: The jaguar is under threat from destruction of its rainforest habitat, the over-hunting of its food sources and from human conflict. The jaguar is an umbrella-species and in protecting its habitat we are also protecting the habitat of many other species that call the same terrain home.

As the human population increases and our developments encroach further on the habitat of many animal species it is inevitable that problems will arise. Where humans and animals are in direct competition for resources that they need in order to exist, steps have to be taken to minimise the impact in a responsible manner. In addition to protecting the rainforest areas there is also a growing importance being placed on avoiding human-jaguar conflict which results in many jaguars being shot on sight, particularly by farmers and ranchers trying to protect their livestock from jaguar attacks.

The WWF and Sky Rainforest Alliance are committed to supporting the Acre State Government in avoiding the further deforestation of 3 million hectares of land deep within the amazonian rainforest.

Just £3.00 per month will go towards helping WWF continue to help manage the rainforest in a sustainable way and provide hope for the future for the jaguar and many other animal species.